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Author Topic: Good news for the MC server  (Read 1967 times)

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Good news for the MC server
« on: August 29, 2015, 12:10:01 AM »
Within 24 hours we have already gotten a lot of people interested in returning. Myself, Moon, and Nick have already started work on the server, no exact ETA on when it will be done, probably before October. Myself and the others will be working night and day to get it built and epic looking, Moon was on earlier to help build some stuff for spawn, nick will probably start building stuff tomorrow, i'll be on tonight to get spawn all done up.

We will probably have a public beta up within at least early/mid September-ish(Don't quote me on this) for a week or two where you guys can join and give input on everything. If everything goes smooth in the public beta we will open it up to the public.

Plan: So initially we are probably going to take it slow, just an OPFactions server like we started out with. Some shops around spawn, some buildings and citys, perhaps some minigames, some parkour, ect.(All in the same world) we may or may not open up a skyblock depending on how things go but regardless there will be places to go and things to see everywhere in the main server.

All the classic shrimp stuff you are use to such as spongebob, the shrimp mart, shrimpbot and so on will be making a return. We will try to keep the server as something you will recognize from the past. All the plugins will be the same/similar/better.

Staffing: This time around, we aim to make the server slightly more sustainable, we hope the server will be able to run itself and staff itself, but it will probably need a little coaxing from some staff. we won't have very many playerslots open initially, so we won't need a huge team of 10+ staff. we will probably have 2-4 moderators and 1-2 admins (Apart from the owners). Applications for staff will be ready for open beta, we may accept some people before open beta if they were previous mods/admins (Don't worry, we will be accepting some new mods/admins too)

More info will come out later so be sure to keep checking in here.
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