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Author Topic: TeamShrimp Teampeak | V2  (Read 2478 times)

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TeamShrimp Teampeak | V2
« on: August 25, 2014, 12:40:52 AM »
Team Shrimp Teamspeak rules
and general info

Lets get started
  • A.) This guide assumes you have Teamspeak :facepalm: , and know how to connect to a server.
  • B.) Servergroups must be assigned by a founder, Teamspeak Admin, or Game Moderator, they're not automatic.
  • C.) I use the term ServerGroup a lot in this, but you may be familiar with the term, "Tag." Both are the same thing.
  • D.) A lot of work went into making the Teamspeak, and this tutorial smooth and flowing so if you see any grammar mistakes or mis-spellings, please let us know!

The Rules

  • Channel names cannot contain racial slurs, or be prejudiced against any group of people, unless a rival gaming clan (Acceptable names: Casa De La Grande; Adam's Armory; 187 on LSPD. NON-Acceptable names: Adolph Hitler; The KKK; Negro Patrol.)
  • YOUR name cannot be prejudiced against anyone (Acceptable names: Grande; XX_GRANDE_XX; XxXxX [187] XxXxX. Non-Acceptable names: Hitler; Teamspeak Owner; anything to do with religion.)
  • Please keep the avatars classy, we don't want porn all over the place; that's what the internet is for.
  • Absolutely NO trolling will be tolerated, if any Teamspeak Staff hears you trolling you will be banned for a MINIMUM of 2 hours
  • No spamming Channel, PMs, or Pokes.
  • No insulting other people who you have no relation to whatsoever.
  • And finally, inactive channels are deleted bi-weekly.

The Channels

Lobby: This is the Default Channel, basically the spawnpoint for your Teamshrimp Experience.

AFK Lounge: If you plan on leaving your PC on while you sleep, go to work/school, or do something for an extended period of time, we ask that you use the AFK channel as to not annoy other people in the channel you'll be AFK in.

AFK - Intense Masturbation (x3): I'm sure you know the reason for these..

Staff Channels: These are the private channels of staff members. They are to use these channels when they wish to go AFK, or have a private conversation with someone. Regular users cannot join these channels.

Pending Teamspeak Admin/GM:
This is where you go if you need an Admin or Gaming Moderator to give you tags, make you your own custom servergroup, request a permanent channel, or speak to them for any other reason you may need them. You won't need to use this channel often as we usually notice your country flag and what game channel you're in and set your servergroups accordingly.

Game Channels:
This is where all of the gaming channels are housed, if the game you like isn't there PM an admin or Gaming Moderator and we'll set you up with a channel, a servergroup for the game, and VIP for suggesting the channel. You may also request a sub-channel for your Clan or personal use such as Spoir and Zax's Channel in DayZ.

Clan Section:
Clans get their own spacer, which can have up to five channels inside. The only requirement for a clan is that you have at least five active members. You can give people channelgroups for your entire section, or just one or two channels. That section is all up to you.

Personal Channels:
We here at Teamshrimp believe in letting anyone who wants a channel have one, and have it be made Permanent, so once your channel is made permanent it will be moved into the User Channels Section and ordered by the date is was created. Below these are temporary channels that can be made by anyone at any time; but they go away when nobody is left in them after five minutes, making you lose your Channel Description (Like a forum signature) and all settings you had for the channel, so contact any staff to have your channel made Permanent.


Super Duper Shrimp:
Founders of the Teamspeak; Can do anything cannot be banned by anyone and the server group cannot be revoked by anyone except the Staff Director upon approval of two other Founders.

Teamspeak Admin:
This is the Overlord of all admins; right below Founder.

Gaming Moderator:
Can Assign servergroups for Games and Countries, and channel admin, but cannot give administrative ranks or VIP; can also set someone's description, remove inappropriate avatars, and change inappropriate channel names.

Staff In Training:
Can Assign servergroups for Games and Countries, and channel admin, as well as make permanent channels; but cannot give administrative ranks or VIP.

Has access to a special channel, and a shiny "tag."

Former Administration: Can Assign servergroups for Games and Countries, but cannot give administrative ranks or VIP.

Countries: Countries are assigned by a Gaming Manager or Admin who sees what country you're from, Primarily myself: Grande.

Custom Server Groups: You are allowed to ask for a custom server group for your clan, or personal use; these can only be issued by Founders, but Gaming Moderators and above can add people to your ServerGroup once it's created.

Games: If an admin or Gaming Moderator sees you in a Gaming Channel, they will most likely assign you a tag for that game. You can also ask an Uber Shrimp to make a ServerGroup for your game, as well as a channel; an alternative method is to PM me here on the forums or on Teamspeak.

Channel Banned: This is a Channel Group, but if a Channel admin sets you to this before they kick you, you will be restricted from rejoining in the channel. Only a Game Moderator+ can remove this tag.

Grammar Tip:

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