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News and updates / Changelog for 09/22/2019 | bug fix and new UI
« on: September 22, 2019, 02:45:52 PM »

Changelog for 09/22/2019


Speedometer has been updated to new style

Tele text has been updated

Bottom bar has been redesigned

Bug fixes

Weapons will now save when you relog

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Changelog for 09/06/2019


Lottery, /roll, /w, /rob, /bounty, /bounties, /dice, properties, and reactions now show formated numbers for money (EG: $155,123 instead of $155123)

Removed retard and some other misc words from the censor list (Use them sparingly, you can still get banned for flaming people and being racist.)

Cleaned up some misc text that didn't need to be there or was unnecessarily long so some text might look a bit different

New stuff

VIP can now earn VIP tokens from /roll

If you are not VIP you will get free weapon vouchers instead of VIP tokens, which can be used to get free weapons from /w

/setskin will now open a graphical menu to choose skin if you enter the command with no skin ID


/bounty now has a minimum of $5,000 to prevent spamming of worthless bounties

Your bounty value will now announce when you login (Only if you have a bounty of $5,000 or more)

Reordered and categorized commands in /cmds (Also added a few that were missing via hydras list in Discord)

weapon shop now displays Free if you have a free weapon token or you are currently VIP (Use to display price before when it was free for VIP)


fixed small bug that wouldn't let you buy a weapon in /w if you had the exact money required (You had to have $1 more than it actually cost)

you can now use /home (or /gohome) inside of a vehicle (It will now remove you from the vehicle instead of telling you to leave the vehicle first)

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News and updates / Changelog for 07/10/2019 | Minor tweaks and fixes
« on: July 10, 2019, 05:41:14 PM »

Changelog for 07/10/2019


Bounties now cost 10x more to pay off in /shop than the bounty is worth

lowered achievements for 10,000 deaths and 10,000 kills to 5,000 deaths and 5,000 kills

Removed gate at k.a.c.c base that prevented you from driving in without boost enabled

New command

Added command to remove front and rear bumpers off your car /removebumpers

Bug fixes

/playsound can now be used by VIPs (Was for admin only before)

going into /neons and removing your neons appears to now fix the bug where neons are only on one side and were previously stuck permanently

Portable radio may or may not be fixed? i haven't tested it but anyone should be able to place them and have anyone within range of the radio hear it now

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Giveaways / 3 free games (2 steam, 1 humble bundle)
« on: May 09, 2019, 03:31:25 PM »


Changelog for 05/05/2019

[Drift mode]

Added new drift mode, enable it and slide around to get score

Highscores are tracked if you get over 100 points.

money reward is your (drift points/10 * drift combo/2)

You will be given 1 score for drifts over 100 drift points and less than 450 drift points

Over 450 drift points you get the score reward of (drift points/400), so if you get 10k drift points (Should be fairly hard) you get 25 score

Score reward is limited to a maximum of 25 score at a time

Money reward is limited to a maximum of $25k at a time

During drift mode there will be no vehicle repairing/teleporting/speed boost.

Exiting the vehicle will cause you to leave drift mode, you must turn it back on with /drifton

Taking damage will cause your driftpoints to reset and you will not get rewarded (Don't worry, your highscore is permanent)

/drifton (Enable drift mode)

/driftoff (Disable drift mode)

/drifthighscores (See a list of the top 10 drift point highscores)

[Ignore list]

Chat messages from ignored players will not show up for you

Ignored players will not be able to message you or teleport to you.

Ignore list will reset when you log off

/ignore (will add a player to your ignore list)

/unignore (will remove a player from your ignore list (Only works if they are online))

/clearignorelist (will remove all players from your ignore list)

/ignorelist (will show a list of all the users you currently have ignored)

[Portable radios]

Station names can be found in /music

Players within about 30 meters-ish of the radio will automatically have the station played if they are not currently listening to anything else

Radio will get quieter and quieter as you walk away from it until eventually it turns off once you are out of range

delete the radio by walking up to it and pressing n or typing

/portableradio (Puts down a portable radio that will play the station for everyone within about 30 meters-ish)

/destroyportableradio (Destroys the radio you put down)

[First person (Experimental)]

toggle on and off with /firstperson

Works in most vehicles but some planes/helis/odd vehicles the camera might be wonky

Camera will briefly set out of first person when you aim a weapon but sets back after a second or two

Offsets might be slightly off for certain skins


Added Zipline for 200 tokens (Use silenced pistol to zip around to the location you shoot) (/zipline to toggle on and off)

Added 14 day VIP level 1 gift for 1500 tokens (Can gift any player who is not VIP currently)

Fixed bug in tokenshop that let you buy more than one VIP car pack

[Chat & Chatrooms]

Added colored text in chat for VIPs (Does not work in chatrooms) (Codes: ~r~ is red, ~w~ is white, ~g~ is green, ~b~ is blue, ~y~ is yellow, ~p~ is purple, ~c~ is cyan, ~blk~ is black, ~bro~ is brown) (Example usage: ~r~This text is red ~b~and this is blue.)

Added unmoderated chatroom for players with over 50 hours play time (No advertisements allowed, language will be uncensored in the chatroom)

some racial/homophobic slurs will be censored with *'s in chat (Unmoderated room in /chat is uncensored)

Changed the : to put a message in global chat to a > (Example usage: >I am in a chatroom but this message will go to global chat for all to see!)

Chatrooms will now display the abbreviated name of the chatroom in IRC instead of just [Chatroom]


Added visual FX flash and puff of smoke in place of where you were standing when you teleport

Added random neon changer setting in /vhelp (Enable with /rn as well)

Added manual /afk command to set yourself AFK

Create /home command as an alias to /gohome

Disabled the /snow command

/slapme will now reset your animations (Useful if you get stuck in an animation loop)

Removed useless /playercount command (Playercount is already displayed bottom right and in tab)


Math reactions now have a larger pool of numbers to draw from

Fixed the answer to the division questions always being a 1 or a 0

Changed the text of the reaction tests a bit to avoid confusion

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Changelog for 03/06/2019


New boost type selectable in /vhelp (Directional boost, will boost in the direction your vehicle is facing instead of the normal boost which boosts in the direction you are moving)

antibike-falloff works better now (And only works on bikes)


Listening to a radio will now display a fading text of the station name at the bottom of the screen

Minor behind the scenes tweaks to some commands/other stuff to make them work better

Report a bug with the updateCreate a suggestion

News and updates / Demotions for the staff team
« on: November 13, 2018, 02:20:39 PM »
Last week me and nick decided to clean out the staff and start demoting, this decision was unanimous between me and nick and we both agreed that we are unhappy with the current staff lineup for various reasons.
Today we removed ramiz and john_cale. Drunkpplwithfirearms and Nldebestnl were already deranked a while ago without announcement.
The rest of the demotions will occur on friday. We have decided to keep Ricibom to help us keep the server clean.

The staff will keep their VIP levels and will be welcome back on the server as a regular player.

Staff apps will be ignored for a while as me and nick will be figuring out who is suitable for replacements.

The free games:
The Ship: Murder Party
The coupons:
Phantom doctrine (15% off coupon)
10% off coupon for humble monthly

Daily login requirements:
Login 1 day to get 10% off coupon for humble monthly
Login 2 days to get Phantom Doctrine 15% off coupon
Login 3 days to get Braveland
Login 5 days to get The Ship: Murder Party

login to humblebundle every day and visit https://www.humblebundle.com/store to get a stamp
(You must visit the humblebundle store page to get a stamp, no other page will give you a stamp)

More info here:

noticed some sites don't work very well in sa-mp so here are some sites that have stations that do work




Giveaways / [Steam] Cuisine Royale (Another battlegrounds game)
« on: June 17, 2018, 02:16:32 PM »

Note: According to the devs you have to install the game to keep after it becomes paid
Early Access will be free until June 25th 2018, after that we will probably make it a paid game to cover server expenses and fund further development. But it will stay free for players who will install the game during the initial 10 days period. We don't plan to introduce any additional paid content that will affect the gameplay, only some cosmetics and customization options.

Giveaways / [ENDED] [GOG] Ziggurat
« on: June 12, 2018, 12:28:23 PM »
DRM free copy of ziggurat, i bought this game on humblebundle about a year ago and have played it quite a lot since then. it's a very fun first person rogue like shooter with magical weapons and bosses and such.


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