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Title: New features for the forum
Post by: Badger on July 08, 2017, 09:16:25 PM
Hello all, i've got some new features added to the forum.
here are just a few:

Forum mentions
Mentions: @Badger
to use it just type @ and then begin typing someones name (An autocomplete thing will popup)
you can view your mentions in your profile tab.

Buddy list on your profile
Speaking of profiles you can now add and see buddies on your forum profile.
<- There will also be an option to add someone as your buddy by clicking the little gray thing over there in their post somewhere.
(You can edit your buddies by clicking here: and going to Modify profile, then clicking buddies/ignore list at the bottom.

Automatic image resizing
Theres also an image resizer now as opening a page and getting bombarded with massive images was getting kind of annoying. Just click on the text that says click on this bar to resize the image and you will be shown the full size image. See this in action here:

Auto response bot
You might have noticed the new user @Team Shrimp recently registered. Theres now a bot that will respond to topics created in the introductions and general samp boards. (Should cut down on people posting in the wrong sections and help new users)

Well anyways. that will hopefully make the forum a bit more pleasant to use, if you encounter any issues let me know.
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