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Author Topic: February 5th 2018 update changelog  (Read 42 times)

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February 5th 2018 update changelog
« on: February 05, 2018, 10:19:36 AM »

Admin/mod stuff

Mod tool to help find ban evaders/multi accounters/so on
  • /aka (name)
  • Will lookup users that are suspected of being the same person as the user you input in the command
  • Will list a users ip/isp/country/name Do not dox anyone, also do not maliciously use this info for any reason.
  • Not 100% accurate as it has some false positives, but thats why the ip/isp/country is listed, so make sure things match up the way they should if you are going to ban someone
  • Can be used on players who are offline or online but the name has to be exact!
New fun admin tools in weapon form
These tools have the power to be abused, refrain from using them unless warranted. You will gain an unfair advantage by using these tools against players. These tools are intended to be used as utility items.
  • /adminfun (Admin level 2 and higher)
  • Ultra deagle, Will blowup cars (Good to clear cars that need to be respawned without using /cleanup) Will instantly kill players even with god mode on (Please do not abuse this, it is for utility purposes only, if someones godmode gets stuck or something or they just need to be killed for some reason. You may also use it if someone requests to be killed by one for an achievement) Will create an explosion where the bullet hits, Will give players an achievement if they are killed by it
  • Anti-aircraft minigun, Mostly for killing players in hydras/hunters who are harassing you, Will create a massive amount of explosions that will probably lag FPS quite bad so be careful
  • Gravity gun, Will fling any player who is shot with it, Will fling any vehicle that is shot with it if the vehicle has a driver (Does not work on empty cars)

Stuff for everyone
  • Added 22 new achievements
  • Made achievements dialog text look a bit better by adding different colors to the achievement description
  • Added total achievements number after a players achievement points in the /ach menu

  • Lowered threashold for regular OH SHIT speed in speedometer and added a more colorful OH SHIT at 10k mph (For a 2nd tier speed achievement)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug with kph not giving speed demon achievement
  • Fixed bug with killer achievements being rewarded to the person who died
  • Fixed bug with "health" being the wrong color in the speedometer if you turned kph on in /vhelp

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Re: February 5th 2018 update changelog
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2018, 04:15:39 AM »
I like those achivmets so much, and i think its a good way to make ppl use all the comands and stuff server gives.
Maybe something about /cnr should make it to the /ach board. :rofl:

He was the best I ever had.