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Author Topic: Oct 8th update changelog (Much needed CNR update)  (Read 75 times)

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Oct 8th update changelog (Much needed CNR update)
« on: October 08, 2017, 06:14:04 AM »

Vehicle fuel
  • /refuel (Takes a gas can out of your inventory and refuels your car)
  • /reqfuel (Request a mechanic to refuel your vehicle
  • Gas cans are purchasable from the 24/7 shop  for $250 (Can only have one and it will be used up when you type /refuel)
  • Mechanics can refuel vehicles for you (Cost $500, gas tank from 24/7 is $250) /reqfuel (Works automatically when no mechanics are on)
  • /reqfix (/assist) will automatically refuel your vehicle for no extra cost (Still pay for the repair but the fuel is added without a price increase)
  • Pull your car over before you pause, fuel will keep ticking down if you are moving while you pause
  • You cannot refuel at the gas pumps just yet, but i am planning on adding that, and making refueling points for planes!
  • i have planned to make fuel costs at gas stations dynamic (Increases and decreases with demand) but it will always be cheaper than gas cans and /reqfuel

Misc bug fixes
  • Fixed ancient bug where truck/pilot checkpoints would get stuck and sometimes display for players outside of cnr when they join
  • Fixed bug with fishing payout not being the same as the message says it was
In the works
  • Added some framework for trucking convoys (Have not tested yet, has a long way to go)