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Author Topic: important discussion about shit posts.  (Read 570 times)

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important discussion about shit posts.
« on: July 02, 2016, 09:10:24 AM »
Lately we have had users posting stupid shit on the forum on old topics to boost their post count because they think it gives them a better chance at mod. So to prevent this in the future i have been locking old topics.. So if you see a topic that is locked without any reason, or if your topic gets locked.. This is the reason why.

Note: i won't be locking topics that are still open for discussion, so if you wanna post in the counting game, or contribute to a bug report, or something similar, those topics should remain unlocked.

Now, have a wall of locks!
 :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock::lock: :lock: :lock:
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